Team of Strength of Materials

Scientific profile:

The Team of Strength of Materials at the Department of Solid Mechanics, Lublin University of Technology, conducts research on modern multi-phase materials used to solve contemporary engineering problems and multi-scale modeling of the behavior of composite materials and engineering structures under mechanical loads (monotonic, cyclic, dynamic loads) and thermal loads. Micro-, mesomechanical and phenomenological models of materials are being developed.

In particular, research works include:

- description of the behavior of brittle materials (e.g. concrete, ceramics) with an initial internal structure (porosity, grain texture, inter-grain boundaries),

-modeling the behavior of composite materials built on a brittle matrix (reinforced concrete, ceramic composites), polymer (polyester and vinyl ester resins) and metallic (WC / Co) matrix,

-modeling the processes of damage and cracking of multifunctional construction materials,

-development of cracks under the influence of thermal shocks (e.g. in the Al2O3 / Al composite),

-modeling the behavior of elastic-plastic materials

- dynamic problems in plasticity theory,

- constitutive equations for elastic-plastic bodies in the range of large deformations,

-experimental studies of the behavior of modern construction materials under mechanical and thermal loads

-concepts for the production of new multi-phase composite materials used in building, mechanical and aviation structures

- theories of degradation of composite materials, taking into account the internal structure resulting from production processes

-modern connections of structural elements taking into account the use of various joining techniques and degradation processes,

-new test stands for experimental verification of formulated models of composite materials in complex loading conditions.


Team Members:

- prof. dr hab. inż. Tomasz Sadowski, dr h.c., professor
        room 419, phone: +48 81 538-4386
        www: Tomasz Sadowski's website (English version)

- dr inż. Przemysław Golewski, lecturer
         room 410, phone: +48 81 538-4616

- dr inż. Daniel Pietras, lecturer
           room 410, phone: +48 81 538-4616

-mgr inż. Kamil Łosiewicz, assistant
          room 411, phone: +48 81 538-4615

-mgr inż. Marek Nowicki, assistant

          room 411, phone: +48 81 538-4615

- mgr Jolanta Sadowska, administrative staff
           room 421, phone: +48 81 538-4386, +48 81 538-4385