The Department staff conducts classes in the field of Construction and Architecture in the following subjects:

CONSTRUCTION - first cycle (engineering) full-time and part-time studies

    Strength of Materials
    Descriptive geometry
    Technical drawing

CONSTRUCTION - second-cycle (MA) full-time and part-time studies

    Selected issues of Strength of Materials
    Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity
    Mechanics of composites / Surface girders (electives)

ARCHITECTURE - full-time first cycle (engineering) studies

    Information technology
    Descriptive geometry
    Technical drawing

The forms of didactic activities include: lectures, auditorium, project and laboratory exercises as well as diploma seminars.

The Department staff conduct diploma theses in the field of Construction at first and second degree studies (engineering, master's) and engineering diploma exams.

The course syllabuses can be found at: http://www.wbia.pollub.pl/pl/ksztalcenie/program-studiow

Staff timetables can be found at: http:http://plany.wbia.pollub.pl/


There is a Scientific Circle of Mechanics and Engineering Graphics at the Department.

Students associated in the Scientific Circle:

- organize courses in the use of engineering programs (AutoCAD, BIM: Revit, Tekla Structures)

- take part in industry conferences and workshops

- prepare graphic designs for important events (AMCM 2020 international conference, Lublin Science Festival 2019)

- conduct optional AutoCAD classes for students of Primary School No. 16 in Lublin

- represent the Lublin University of Technology during such events as: Lublin Science Festival, Open Days of the Lublin University of Technology, LUBDOM construction fair

- engage in charity campaigns.

Circle supervisor: dr inż. Ewa Zarzeka-Raczkowska  email: e.zarzeka-raczkowska@pollub.pl

Contact: kolomgi@gmail.com

www: kolomgi.wixsite.com/kolomigi