Grants and projects

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Faculty's infrastructure development projects co-funded by EU programmes

Construction of the Eastern Innovative Centre for Architecture (2008-2013)

The aim of this project was to create a modern facility for teaching and research in the field of urban planning and architecture. The building of the Faculty was expanded by new 6-storey wing providing nearly 7000 m2 of fully equipped laboratories, exhibition areas, lecture rooms and a conference centre. Nearly 200 pieces of state-of-the-art research laboratory equipment were purchased, including 3D laser scanner, ground penetrating radar, graphics workstations, 3D printer, thermal imaging camera, photo tachymeter, large format scanners and plotters.

The project was funded by the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the Operating Programme Development of Eastern Poland 2007-2013 (85%) and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (15%). The project's brochure can be found here.

Development of the educational and research potential of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, LUT (2007-2010)

The aim of the project was to upgrade the existing facilities of the Faculty to answer growing requirements of modern research and education. The building was fully refurbished and equipped with new systems. The IT infrastructure was completely redeveloped, and laboratories were supplied with state-of-the-art equipment and software.

Research and development projects co-funded by EU programmes

Innovative Method of Manufacturing Zeolites of Fly Ashes (2009-2011)

This project was aimed at creating a practical method of recycling waste - fly ashes - into zeolites to find application in environmental engineering, chemical industry and agriculture. Its result was a fully automatized and efficient prototype of a production line to synthesize the high-purity zeolite from the coal fly ash. The project was conducted in cooperation with three partners from the industry.

The project was co-funded by European Regional Development Fund, Innovative Economy Programme 2007-2013, project number UDA-POIG.01.03.01-06-146/09-00. More information can be found at

Capacities and research potential projects, staff development and international cooperation

 Centre of Excellence for Modern Composites Applied in Aerospace and Surface Transport Infrastructure (2010-2013)

The project aims at expanding of different aspects of composite technology and analyses curried out by the staff of the Centre for Modern Composite Materials (CMCM) created at the Lublin University of Technology. In particular, it is expected to introduce novel, innovative methodologies to modelling and testing of composites. By scientific exchange with leading European centres, the CMCM will strive to keep abreast of any research and technological developments in the areas already represented by the Centre. The ultimate goal is to become the excellent centre, visible at EU level in modern composite materials and their application to solution of engineering problems on a research scale and in parallel on a small pre-industrial scale, through reinforcing of the RTD capacity and capability.

Grant agreement no. FP7 – 245479. More information can be found at: