Work programme


Activities planned within project:

  1. Elaboration of master studies curricula in specializations: Eco-engineering in Communication Construction and Building and Engineering Constructions, ready for implementation
  2. Elaboration of didactic materials: presentations and textbooks in English
  3. Preparation of didactic base of Faculty for English-speaking students
  4. Improvement of language and didactic skills of teaching staff
  5. Multidirectional dissemination of project and its results
  6. Monitoring and quality assessment
  7. Management

All planned activities will be conducted by Lublin University of Technology own staff, whith no need for external experts involvement.
Within elaboration of curricula the following materials will be elaborated in English:
- plans of studies for 2 specializations: Eco-engineering in Communication Construction and Building and Engineering Constructions (nets and syllabi)
- Master Thesis standards
- Sets of questions for Master Thesis exams In frames of preparation of didactic base the following purchases are planned:
- licenses for access to electronic bases of books and magazines in English
- hardware with specialistic software in English for computer lab.

Preparation of Faculty staff to teaching and handling with English-speaking students will involve linguistic trainings for employees, aimed at increasing skills of specialized English language. Trainings on new BIM technology are also planned.
Promotional activities will involve:
- organisational meeting at the beginning of project implementation
- website in English
- informational materials
- final conference
- final publication

Ongoing project progress monitoring is provides. Substantive coordinators will be responsible for assuring the proper quality of achieved results.
Within project management, in addition to ongoing tasks related to the project implementation and operation, participation of 2 team members in 2 meetings organized by the Programme Operator is planned.