Assumptions of the new field of study


2nd cycle studies in English will be specialisations in field of Civil Engineering (3 semesters, 90 ECTS). Building and EngineeringConstructions specialisation, currently taught in Polish, will be supplemented by ecological contents and elaborated in English. New specialisation Eco-engineering in Communication Construction will be established. New subject: designing using BIM technology will be introduced in group of subjects common to both specializations.

Teaching effects NQF will partially overlap with effects for studies in Polish. In addition, effects will be introduced that will ensure that graduate will be able to analyse civil engineering problems and put them in a broader prospect regarding environmental and ecological aspects, to structures, systems, components and processes to meet desired needs both in civil engineering and ecology and natural environment, to oversee consequences of his/her actions regarding natural environment and use of resources, to optimise design by sustainable use of resources.

Enrolment for studies in English will be held independent of limits set for enrolment for full-time intramural studies. Studies are aimed at foreigners (mainly from Eastern Europe) and Poles planning to work abroad in future. Students will pay fee. After launching specialisations in English, lectures will also be open to Polish students interested in participating in them. Classes within curricula in English will be conducted primarily by teaching staff of Faculty and industry specialists.

In 1st year (1st recruitment planned in 2016) studies in English will be launched if at least 15 candidates are enrolled for given specialisation. In following years number of students studying in English is expected to increase.

University actively collaborates, amongst others, with Ukrainian universities in recruiting students, which will positively affect the efficiency of students enrolment for new specialisations and will possibly guarantee permanence of new studies