Aims of project


Internationalization of Polish universities is the lowest in the EU. Proportion of foreign students in Poland in 2013 was 1.74% (report Study in Poland 2013). To change this unfavorable situation it is necessary to extend the offer of study in English. Demographic low in Poland also makes it necessary to enhance university educational offer of studies in English in order to attract students from abroad. Overall objective is development of human capital and increase in internationalization of Lublin University of Technology by extending educational offer of second-level studies in Civil Engineering in English. General objective is in line with operational objective of the program. Direct objective is comprehensive preparation of both didactic process and faculty staff to conducting 2nd cycle of studies in English in Civil Engineering, with focus on environmental issues. This aim will be achieved through:

- elaboration of curricula and plans of studies for second cycle of studies in Civil Engineering in 2 specialisations: Ecoengineering
in Communication Construction and Building and Egineering Constructions

- elaboration of teaching materials in English (multimedial presentations and academic textbooks)

- improvement of language skills of teaching staff necessary for teaching English-speaking students.

Studies on Civil Engineering invariably are extremely popular among the candidates. No university in Eastern Poland offers teaching in this field in English. At the same time the Faculty hosts a lot of foreing studenst under Erasmus program, which allows to assume that 2nd cycle of studies conducted in English will attract wide interest of candidates. Establishment of studies in English will enable conducting commercial studies for foreigners, most of all from Eastern Europe, and for Polish students planning to work abroad. Studying at Lublin Univ. of Technology will be also attractive for people from Western and Northern Europe due to low cost of living in Lublin