For Authors

Budownictwo i Architektura ISSN 1899-0665

The quarterly Budownictwo i Architektura publishes original papers that present results of research of empirical, theoretical, technical or analytical character. Review articles and comments are also accepted. The contribution should be an original and unpublished work, not under consideration for publication elsewhere. 

If a permission for publication of any material is required, it should be obtained from appropriate sources by the author. The corresponding author is responsible for the other authors' approval of the paper publication. Following the standards of scientific publications by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the authors are asked to disclose information on any person or organization that contributed to the creation of the work submitted for publication; may this contribution be in the form of financial support, study design, data collection, analysis and interpretation, or in the writing of the report. The Editors are obliged to fight any forms of ghostwriting practices; our procedure is presented HERE.

The manuscript should be written either in English or in Polish with English translation of title and abstract provided at the end of the text. The manuscript should be prepared in a format according to the TEMPLATE, and sent to as a WORD file.

Each submission is subject to a double-blind reviewing process by at least two independent reviewers appointed by the Editor. To avoid conflict of interest, the Editor selects reviewers that are not affiliated by the same institutions as the authors. The reviews conclude with an explicit recommendation to accept or reject the paper. Upon receiving a required number of reviews, the Editors pass them immediately to the authors. The authors are required to prepare answers to reviewers’ comments, and amend the papers according to their guidelines. When a manuscript is returned for revision prior to final acceptance, the revised version must be submitted as soon as possible after the author's receipt of the referees' reports.

Upon completion of the reviewing process, a letter of acceptance is sent to the authors. The authors are required to sign a COPYRIGHT TRANSFER DECLARATION, which is necessary in the publication process.