Master in Diagnosis and Repair of Buildings

The most advanced societies show great concern for the quality of their constructions, urban spaces and built heritage.

Considerations regarding energy efficiency and sustainability tend to prioritize the rehabilitation of existing buildings over the construction of new ones.
In fact the last few years have shown that investment growth in the building repair and rehabilitation sector is greater than in the sector of newly constructed architectural objects.

The unique Master course “Master in Diagnosis and Repair of Buildings” offered by the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture tends to meet the needs of the labour market by educating specialists able to combine architectural design abilities with broad knowledge of revitalization, conservation and protection of built heritage.

“Master in Diagnosis and Repair of Buildings” is new Master course conducted jointly, focused on architecture with particular emphasis on diagnosis, repair, rehabilitation and improvement of buildings and urban spaces. Beside the architectural, urban, conservation contents, the course also includes the ecological content (i.a. Sustainable revitalization of degraded areas, Energy-efficient architecture)

It is a one-year-and-a-half masters course (90 ECTS in three semesters of 30 ECTS each).

First and second semester are conducted at Partner University in the national language, third semester is conducted at Lublin University of Technology in English.

Modern didactic base of Eastern Innovative Centre for Architecture creates very comfortable environment for students

Graduates of a second level studies in Architecture "Master in Diagnosis and Repair of Buildings" receive broad education in the field of architecture and additionally are prepared to carry out works on the historic buildings.